Evaluating the Effects of Structural Holds on Pointing and Dragging Performance with Flexible Displays

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Perez, Christopher
flexible , performance
We present a study of the effects of structural holds and rigidity of a flexible display on touch pointing and dragging performance. We discuss an observational study in which we collected common holds used when pointing on a mock-up paper display. We also measured the force patterns each hold generated within the display surface. We analyzed this data to produce 3 force zones in the display for each of the four most frequently observed holds: the grip zone, rigid zone, and the flexible zone. We report on an empirical evaluation in which we compared the efficiency of pointing and dragging operations between holds, and between structural zones within holds, using a real flexible Lumalive display. Results suggest that structural force distributions in a flexible display affect the Index of Performance of both pointing and dragging tasks, irrespective of hold, with rigid parts of the display yielding a 12% average performance gain over flexible areas.
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