Minimum Perimeter Convex Hull of a Set of Line Segments: An Approximation

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Hassanzadeh, Farzad
Computational Geometry , Convex Hull , Imprecise Points , Approximation Algorithm
The problem of finding the convex hull of a set of points in the plane is one of the fundamental and well-studied problems in Computational Geometry. However, for a set of imprecise points, the convex hull problem has not been thoroughly investigated. By imprecise points, we refer to a region in the plane inside which one point may lie. We are particularly interested in finding a minimum perimeter convex hull of a set of imprecise points, where the imprecise points are modelled as line segments. Currently, the best known algorithm that solves the minimum perimeter convex hull problem has an exponential running time in the worst case. It is still unknown whether this problem is NP-hard. We explore several approximation algorithms for this problem. Finally we propose a constant factor approximation algorithm that runs in O(nlogn) time.
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