Guidelines to the edge: integrating information and communication technologies in education

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Stockley, Denise
Higher education , Innovation , New technology , Information and communication technologies , Education
Many institutions are in a state of flux in relation to the implementation and use of information communication technology (ICT) by faculty, staff, and students. Earlier research (Stockley 2002) indicates that most institutions are neither at the beginning - nor the end of the implementation continuum; rather, they are more likely to be found somewhere in the middle as institutions vary in their degree of integration. Institutions that are characterized by technological innovation are a rarity: most of us would rather read about bleeding edge technologies than experience the unwanted fallout first hand; nor can most institutions make the necessary financial commitments associated with being on the leading edge. This paper briefly visits historical aspects of technology innovations, implementation strategies and finally, focuses on approaches or guidelines to assist in getting to the edge.
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