Open Air Active Noise Control

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Legg, Connor
Puddy, David
Bracken, Declan
Feng, Edwin
Boxer, Matthew
Butler, Michael
engineering , noise control
Presented in this report is the design and testing of an open-air active noise control system. The initial project scope aimed to use an FxLMS algorithm to reduce single tone, multitone, white noise, and a sine swept signal by at least 1 decibel. Using a closed loop feedback system between an error microphone and anti-noise speaker, the project aimed to reach steady state noise control in under 1 second. This report successfully presents single tone noise control for a 528 Hz signal by up to -28 dB (voltage scale) and multitone control with 528 and 392 Hz signals by up to -10.9 dB and -1.9 dB respectively. The final product reaches steady state within 10 seconds but could be improved with minor changes.
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