Sustainability and Aggregate Resource Extraction in Southern Ontario: A case study of the proposed St Marys Cement Inc. Flamborough Quarry

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Jeffrey, Ryan
aggregate extraction , planning , natural resources , sustainability , Ontario , Hamilton , sustainability assessment , strategic environmental assessment
This report is an investigation into the events of a proposed aggregates quarry in the Flamborough region of Hamilton, Ontario. These events serve as a case example of the aggregates management system in the Province of Ontario. This report asks what can be learned from the events of the proposed Flamborough Quarry and some of the related aggregates planning and management processes to build an improved understanding of sustainable development as it relates to mineral aggregate resource management in southern Ontario. Using a set of combined sustainability assessment criteria, the report investigates aspects of engagement, institutional arrangements and governance, people, and the environment. The report recommends improving the aggregates management system in Ontario through a strategic environmental assessment.
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