The Quiet Revolution

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Farmer Lacombe, Benjamin
Sloane, Emily
Québec , Quiet Revolution , Pierre Elliott Trudeau , Catholic Church , Charles de Gaulle , Vive le Québec libre , Identity , Culture , Asbestos Strike , Historical Significance , Historical Perspectives , Continuity and Change , Cause and Consequence , 1995 Referendum , Maurice Duplessis , Union nationale , Jean Lesage , René Lévesque , Parti libéral , Parti québécois
This resource pack contains four lesson plans all dealing with the Quiet Revolution. Each lesson is focused on a specific historical thinking concept from Peter Seixas and Tom Morton’s The Big Six in Historical Thinking. These are: historical significance, continuity and change, cause and consequence and historical perspectives. Every lesson has primary sources which anchor student learning and encourage a process of inquiry. Based on the specific Ontario curriculum expectation D3: “Identity, Citizenship, and Heritage”1 students will learn about how these elements come into play specifically during the Quiet Revolution. It is important to note that as the subject is dealing with events occurring in the province of Québec, many of the primary sources in this resource pack are in French. It would be in the instructor’s best interest to use the resource pack in a French Immersion program for optimal results, otherwise, translation may need to take place.
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