Transitioning to Postsecondary: a Resource Guide for Students With Learning Disabilities

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Dick, Shauna
Learning Disabilities , Postsecondary , Transition Planning , Accommodations
This project synthesizes 11 resources aimed at supporting student with learning disabilities (LDs) transition from secondary to postsecondary education. Despite the increased access to postsecondary education for individuals with disabilities, students with LDs are not graduating at the same rate as their peers without LD. As a result, students with LDs may require a higher level of support in order to manage their disability against the postsecondary expectations. The review of the literature reveals systemic, attitudinal and disability-related barriers that negatively impact students’ abilities to transition from an environment with school and family supports, to that of individual responsibility. While there are existing resources for this population, students with LDs may struggle to locate specific tools as they exist in isolation or may be found in a larger, less accessible resource. The format of this project was purposefully designed to connect areas of concern with relevant resources. This approach offers the reader a practical opportunity to identify specific tools or awareness-building resources pertinent to their individual concerns. Ultimately, this project serves as a way of validating that students’ struggles are a direct result of disability and academic preparation. The belief is that students can improve their coping strategies and compensate with appropriate services and tools. This project intends to help students navigate the transition between two very different systems, with differing expectations and supports.
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