Self-Sustained Oscillating Control Technique for a Wireless Power Transfer Based Series-Series Resonant Converter

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Kitzul-Varshney, Bradley
Wireless Power Transfer , Electrical Engineering
This thesis introduces an innovative control technique aimed at enhancing the per formance of a Wireless Power Transfer based series-series resonant DC/DC converter (SSRC) for an electric bus power train. The primary objective is to implement a reliable and efficient structure for maximizing power extraction and reducing the operating frequency range. This technology enables efficient and convenient charg ing of electric buses during stops or in-motion, offering numerous advantages. To improve system efficiency, a control scheme is presented that enables zero-voltage switching (ZVS) capability in the converter. The control technique is Self-Sustained Oscillating Control (SSOC) and Self-Sustained Phase Shift Modulation (SSPSM). By achieving ZVS, switching losses are significantly reduced, leading to highly efficient and reliable operation of the converter. The proposed SSOC-based SSRC is vali dated through simulations and experiments, demonstrating improved performance. The research outcomes contribute to the advancement of wireless charging systems for electric buses, offering the potential for more efficient and dependable wireless charging solutions in the realm of public transportation.
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