Comparing The Potential For Creative Clusters For Urban Regeneration

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Misiak, Andrew
Urban Planning , Creative Clusters , Cultural Clusters , Distillery District , King-Spadina , Toronto , Port Lands , Urban Regeneration , Waterfront , Place Making
The transition from industrial to post-industrial economies has left many port and industrial areas, like Toronto's Port Lands, derelict and underutilized. Creative clusters have been turned to as an effective policy mechanism to stimulate the urban regeneration in declining industrial and waterfront areas (Montgomery, 2003; Evans, 2005). This research investigates how creative clusters can be used as a strategy for urban regeneration of Toronto’s Port Lands. It investigates and evaluates how elements of built environments, creative activities, and plans can help foster the conditions to develop and sustain creative clusters. Toronto’s Port Lands potential for a creative cluster was compared to King-Spadina and the Distillery District. The research question asked is: What changes can be made to the Toronto Port Lands to support a creative cluster?
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