You Are Never Lonely With A Robot: A Qualitative Content Analysis on the Use of Anthropomorphic Technologies

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Jakobek, Julianne
anthropomorphic , loneliness , technology , anthropomorphic technologies , non-human , robots , virtual reality , dating sims
Loneliness is understood as the perceived unmet desire for human attachment. In recent years, there has been a growing concern surrounding loneliness that has prompted many to consider ways to remedy the issue. Presently, there have been many developments in technology wherein there is a focus on creating human-like characteristics. Known as anthropomorphic technologies, their increasing capability of providing human-like functions, allow them to be suited to alleviate the issue of loneliness. This is a qualitative content analysis that considers whether or not these technologies are successful through various case studies. The case studies focus on social robots, dating sims, and virtual reality, and were chosen based on the likelihood of being able to replicate human attachment. Due to the nature of this study, there are several ethical and social implications surrounding the idea of the non-human that arise.
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