Perceived Benefits and Challenges to Undertaking Preceptorship for Ontario Occupational Therapists

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Burton, Marin
Jayaraman, Varsha
Student Preceptorship , Occupational Therapy
As workplace demands increase and the role of occupational therapists (OTs) in healthcare continues to expand, experienced therapists may decline extra duties like student preceptorship (Casares et al., 2003). To ensure an adequate supply of strong fieldwork learning opportunities it is important to gain an understanding of the motivations and deterrents for potential preceptors in the field. Although much research has been conducted internationally on preceptorship and recruitment in past years, our recent study that explored the views of Ontario occupational therapists has elucidated current factors that are relevant to this discussion in Ontario. Data for this study were collected via a questionnaire, which was sent out to all practicing occupational therapists in the province of Ontario.
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