The Reform of the Spanish Education System: An Evaluation and Perspective.

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Vazquez, Gonzalo
Educational Change , Educational History , Foreign Countries , Higher Education , Secondary Education
This study examines the genesis and development of Spanish education reform since 1990 from a systemic perspective. Problems affecting the entirety of the education system will be examined in relation to changes made mainly in Europe and developed countries (economic, technological, labor, and cultural modifications). Specifically analyzed are the effects of demographic changes and migratory movements on education. This study of secondary education will focus on the positive effects and the main concerns brought on by applying the principle of comprehensive education and continuing promotion, and will conclude by underscoring the need for legislative and pedagogical changes to the curriculum, school timing, and the professionalization of teachers. Higher education will be reviewed in terms of the results of the processes of educational assessment and innovation within the broader context of quality management. The paper concludes by pointing out the main challenges now facing the Spanish education system if it is to meet societal expectations and demands: integrating personal education and professional training, opening up to the new political and demographic realities, and particularly, revising the entire education system in light of new demands for life-long and life-wide education.
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