Teachers’ approaches to classroom assessment: a large-scale survey

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DeLuca, Christopher
Valiquette, Adelina
Coombs, Andrew
LaPointe-McEwan, Danielle
Luhanga, Ulemu
approaches to classroom assessment , assessment education , assessment literacy , Classroom assessment , professional learning , standards for classroom assessment
Classroom assessment has become a cornerstone of today’s standards-based system of education. However, recent policy developments, professional standards, and variable assessment education have led to significant variability in teachers’ approaches to assessment. The primary purpose of this research was to use a new instrument predicated on recently published classroom assessment standards – the Approaches to Classroom Assessment Inventory – to measure teachers’ (a) approaches to assessment, (b) perceived skill in current assessment tasks and responsibilities, and (c) professional learning preferences and priorities. Based on 404 teachers from across North America, this study contributes initial evidence of how teachers approach classroom assessment with respect to four dimensions: Assessment Purposes, Assessment Processes, Assessment Fairness and Measurement Theory. Results from this study point to significant differences based on career stage and previous assessment education. The study concludes with four key implications for assessment research and practice.