Application and Reliability of the Retrospective Interview Procedure to Trace Physical Activity

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Macdonald, Dany J.
Horton, Sean
Kraemer, Krista
Weir, Patricia
Deakin, Janice
Côté, Jean
Lifestyle Variables , Physical Activity
This paper reports the results of two studies. The purpose of the first study was to determine if lifestyle variables and past involvement in physical activity was related to current activity levels in master athletes and sedentary older adults. Retrospective interviews were conducted with 12 master athletes and 12 sedentary older adults. Results demonstrated that education level, spouse participation, smoking, and recent physical activity levels were indicators of current involvement. The second study investigated the reliability of the data collected in the retrospective interviews. Similar to results with younger samples, we confirm that lifestyle variables and physical activity involvement could be accurately recalled for a period of 25 years, making this tool a useful addition for the study of physical activity in older adults.
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