A review of teaching by listening

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Peres Toledo, Tatiana
listening attitude , teaching and learning of mathematics , teacher practices
A significant number of studies have been conducted on listening to students’ mathematical reasoning, which is commonly highlighted as one of the main features of progressive mathematics teaching. Researchers have shown that listening to students fosters teacher understanding of mathematical concepts and improves student achievement. Yet, there are still divergent perspectives on how to establish a listening environment in the classroom and a listening attitude in teachers. My review aims to explore how listening to student mathematical reasoning has been portrayed in the literature to understand the different foci related to the topic. The occurrences of listening to student mathematical thinking have been collected from the literature and organized in three sub-headings: (1) definitions and descriptions of a listening attitude for mathematics teaching; (2) obstacles to the development of a listening orientation; and (3) circumstances for the development of a listening attitude. Finally, the conclusion will discuss how these main concerns have shaped the research done on teacher listening, gaps in the literature, and opportunities for future research.
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