Changing Perceptions of Canadian Identity

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Campbell, Jeremiah
Kuindersma, Lindsay
Kuindersma, Catherine
Acadian Expulsion , British and French Relations , Historical Significance , Treaty Formation , First Nations , Historical Perspective , Vietnam War , Cause and Consequence , Canadian/U.S Relations , Herbert Norman , Ethical Dimension , Cold War , Canadian Identity; , Canadian culture vs. American Domination , Continuity and Change , War of 1812
Through the big six historical thinking concepts, students will tackle the issue of Canadian identity today by examining the past. First, they will examine how Canada’s identity has been formed through different Canadian events: the Acadian expulsion and the formation of the Numbered Treaties with First Nations bands. These will examine the changing relationship between different groups in Canada using the concepts of ‘Historical Significance’ and ‘Historical Perspective.’ Secondly, students will examine different historical interactions between Canada and the United States: the Vietnam War and the death of Herbert Norman. Students will examine how Canada’s relationship with the United States has shaped Canadian identity using ‘Cause and Consequence’ and ‘Ethical Dimension’ approaches. Finally, students will examine the concept of Canadian identity itself. By using ‘Continuity and Change’ and ‘Evidence,’ students will analyze Canadian identity: how Canada has formed its identity and how Canada tries to protect it.
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