An Evaluation of LEED-ND Project Certification: An Investigation of 22 Certified LEED-ND Projects

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MacMartin, Drew
LEED , Sustainability , LEED-ND , Urban Sustainability , neighbourhood development , Sustainable Development
This research studied 22 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighbourhood Development (LEED-ND) certified projects to determine how LEED-ND projects are achieving their certification status. Specifically, this report looked for common credits and major themes among the 22 projects, in addition to analyzing four variables for their degree of influence on the LEED-ND certification scores. This report used a sequential mixed-methods approach which included data collection, closed-ended survey questions, and basic statistical testing (mean). This report revealed the importance of promoting sustainable neighbourhood development in planning practices. Secondly, it contributed to our understanding of the LEED-ND credit system and its overall effectiveness. Both goals will aid planners in determining the feasibility of implementing sustainable practices at the neighbourhood scale.
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