Age-Friendly Built Environment: Examining the Downtown Core of the City of Kingston, Ontario

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Geladi, Anna
Age-Friendly , Kingston , Accessibility , Built Environment , Walkability , World Health Organization
The topic of planning senior-friendly neighborhoods is important for urban planners because of the demographic shift that Canada is experiencing. Since seniors tend to age in place, this will affect every community, therefore it s important that planners work to create communities that facilitate age-friendly living. This research aims to evaluate the downtown of the City of Kingston’s physical environment, how the environment encourages or inhibits activities such as walking for older adults and as a result evaluate the age-friendliness of this environment. The report proposes recommendations that can be taken by the City of Kingston to improve the age-friendliness of the downtown core. The goal of this report was to identify the age-friendliness of Kingston’s downtown-built environment. The aim of this research was to evaluate the City of Kingston’s downtown outdoor spaces and buildings, against the World Health Organizations (WHO) age-friendly guidelines and make recommendations.
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