Childhood Physical Activity Involvement in Active and Inactive Female Adults

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Robertson-Wilson, Jennifer
Baker, Joseph
Derbyshire, Erin
Côté, Jean
Activity , Childhood , Physical , Adolescence , Adulthood , Females
Current trends show progressive declines in levels of physical activity from childhood through adolescence and adulthood, most notably for females. The current study examined organized activity involvement in active and inactive females (age 18) using retrospective data. Results indicated that active females participated in significantly more physical activities than inactive females from age 6 to age 18. No significant differences were found between groups for non-physical activities. In addition, parents of active and inactive females were the most influential factor in initiating physical activity. However, parents of active females initiated more physical activity involvement than did parents of inactive females. Results also indicate that certain periods in childhood and adolescence appear to be critical for developing long-term physical activity habits.
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