A Sensor-Based Approach to Monitoring Web Service

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Li, Jun
Web Service , Monitoring , Autonomic Computing , Complex Event Processing , Policy , Event , SOA , EDA
As the use of Web expands, Web Service is gradually becoming the basic system infrastructure. However, as it matures and a large number of Web Service becomes available, the focus will shift from service development to service management. One key component in management systems is monitoring. The growing complexity of Web Service platforms and their dynamically varying workloads make manually monitoring them a demanding task. Therefore monitoring tools are required to support the management efforts. Our approach, Web Service Monitoring System (WSMS), utilizes Autonomic Computing technology to monitor Web Service for an automated manager. WSMS correlates lower level events into a meaningful diagnosed symptom which provides higher level information for problem determination. It also gains the ability to take autonomic actions and solve the original problem using corrective actions. In this thesis, a complete design of WSMS is presented along with a practical implementation showing viability and proof of concept of WSMS.
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