Synthesis and Reinforcement of Peroxide-Cured Butyl Rubber Thermosets

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Cillero, Rodrigo Antonio
Ionomers , Nanocomposites , Rubber , Isobutylene
Isobutylene-rich elastomers provide the oxidative stability and impermeability required by many industrial applications. Halogenated derivatives support a wide range of chemical modification processes that can overcome most performance limitations. This research involves the modification of brominated butyl rubber (BIIR) to introduce peroxide-curable functionality in addition to aminotrialkoxysilyl groups that improve interactions with siliceous fillers, and anthraquinone functionality that serves as a polymer-bound chromophore. The thesis also describes detailed studies of the influence of counter anions on imidazolium ionomer derivatives of brominated poly(isobutylene-co-p-methylstyrene) (BIMS). Exchanging bromide with dodecyl sulfate, styrene sulfonate and montmorillonite clay platelets provided new ionomer thermosets whose rheological, tensile and adhesive properties varied considerably from their parent material.
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