A Report on Camera Surveillance in Canada : Part One

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Surveillance Camera Awareness Network (SCAN)
Surveillance , Canada , camera surveillance
Although cameras have been appearing for some years in the streets, shopping malls, airports, train stations, arenas and even convenience stores and taxi-cabs, no one has undertaken a systematic survey of what's happening in the Canadian context. A new report, prepared by the Surveillance Camera Awareness Network (SCAN), offers some of the history of camera surveillance in Canada, the driving forces behind the trends, the deployment of cameras in specific sites and some of the issues, such as the effectiveness of systems, and privacy and civil liberties questions, raised by this relatively new development. The report is not only evidence-based and accurate, but also attuned to the range of views held about camera surveillance, and to finding appropriate ways of using such cameras, in whatever locations they are found. It attempts to express the key findings as plainly as possible, conscious that these will indicate how some groups are more likely than others to be negatively affected by cameras. It is also a work-in-progress. Further details will be added as research is carried out in different cities and contexts.
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