Exact Analytical Solution for Large-Amplitude Oscillatory Shear Flow from Oldroyd 8-Constant Framework: Shear Stress

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Saengow, Chaimongkol
Giacomin, A. Jeffrey
Kolitawong, Chanyut
Large-amplitude oscillatory shear , LAOS , Oldroyd 8-constant model , Higher harmonics
The Oldroyd 8-constant model is a continuum framework containing, as special cases, many important constitutive equations for elastic liquids. When polymeric liquids undergo large-amplitude oscillatory shear flow, the shear stress responds as a Fourier series, the higher harmonics of which are caused by the fluid nonlinearity. We choose this framework for its rich diversity of special cases (we tabulate 14 of these). Deepening our understanding of this Oldroyd 8-constant framework thus at once deepens our understanding of every one of these special cases. Previously [Macromol Theor Simul, 24, 352 (2015)], we arrived at an exact analytical solution for the corotational Maxwell model. Here, we derive the exact analytical expression for the Oldroyd 8-constant framework for the shear stress response in large-amplitude oscillatory shear flow. Our exact solution reduces to our previous solution for the special case of the corotational Maxwell model, as it should. Our worked example uses the special case of the corotational Jeffreys model to explore the role of η∞ on the higher harmonics.
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