Graduate Student Symposium, Selected Papers v.3

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Hutchinson, Nancy L.
front matter , preface
I am very pleased to present this volume of work produced by our graduate students. All of these papers were presented at the Graduate Student Symposium in held in the Faculty of Education in April 2005 and in April 2006. This annual spring event has become a central feature of the graduate experience in the Faculty of Education at Queen's—perhaps because students not only write and present the papers but also organize and take ownership of the entire symposium. Students come together, meeting regularly for months, to plan every aspect of the symposium, to review the proposals that have been submitted, and to choose and invite the key note speaker and the discussants. Many students have told me that this collegial experience of organizing and presenting at the symposium was a highlight of their time in the graduate program. Now we can all celebrate their scholarship because their papers are available in this refereed publication. I would be remiss if I did not thank our dean, Rosa Bruno-Jofré, for the inspired idea to hold the symposium and for her generous, ongoing support—financial and moral—of this important event. Finally, I thank all the reviewers and congratulate the graduate students on their accomplishments represented here. Nancy L. Hutchinson Editor
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