The Life and Opinions of Guy C. White, Christ

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Pettapiece, Dante P.
The Novel , Menippean Satire , Novel of Ideas , The Novel-Essay , Intergeneric , Non-Ideal Theory , Social Media , Extremism , Terrorism , Nazism , Climate Change
This thesis is in two parts, the first being a study of the combination of different styles of the novel, which argues that the most succinct classification for any fusion of multiple genres, such as that of the Menippean satire, the novel of ideas, and the novel-essay, would be what Lydia Davis termed the “intergeneric.” The second part of this thesis, an original fiction called The Life and Opinions of Guy C. White, Christ, is routinely referenced throughout the first part as an illustration of how different genres are arranged to make an intergenic fiction. The Life and Opinions of Guy C. White, Christ, itself, is a narrative about an internet neo-Nazi named Guy, who convinces billions of people through social media that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. An unnamed Narrator, who lives in an apparent utopia that exists in part due to Guy’s actions, is writing a biography about Guy, in an attempt to square away Guy’s abhorrent ideology with his undeniable historical significance.
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