A rechargeable zinc copper battery using a selective cation exchange membrane

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Jameson, Alexander
Khazaeli, Ali
Barz, Dominik P. J.
Background electrolyte , Copper , Monovalent cation exchange membrane , Rechargeable battery , Zinc
The Daniell cell (zinc copper battery) was only used as primary cell due to the copper ion crossover preventing its ability to be stored and recharged. We modify the classic design and introduce a cation exchange membrane as half-cell separator along with a sodium-based background electrolyte. This approach prevents the copper ion crossover but allows for ion exchange by means of sodium ions. Half-cell experiments are performed to determine whether sulfate-, chloride-, or nitrate-based electrolytes provide any advantages over each other. Our modified Daniell cell using a sodium sulfate background electrolyte is charged and discharged for 100 times without significant degradation.