Canada Lite: impact of LibQUAL+® Lite on the members of the LibQUAL+ Canada Consortium

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Kalb, Sam
LibQUAL+ Lite , LibQUAL+ Canada Consortium
This paper assesses the impact of the new LibQUAL+® Lite survey format implemented in 2010 as experienced by the members of the LibQUAL+® Canada Consortium. LibQUAL+®’s largest consortium did the survey with 53 academic libraries in 2007 and 47 academic members in 2010. This paper will compare the consortium’s completion rate, proportion of valid surveys, and mean aggregate scores between the 2007 and 2010 LibQUAL+® surveys. The paper will also offer an assessment of LibQUAL+® Lite and its value for the libraries in the province of Quebec, Canada’s francophone province. The bi-lingual nature of the consortium presented LibQUAL+® with a number of challenges in 2007. This paper will see how well these challenges have been met.
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