Trajectory: A local arts and culture magazine - How brand curation and storefront design contributed to rapid social change after the legalization of marijuana in Canada in Toronto: (2018)

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Nadler, Elijah
Cannabis , Gentrification , Toronto , Cannabis Culture , Legalization , Dispensary , Retail Design , Interior Design , Placemaking
Trajectory is an arts and culture magazine that examines cannabis culture through retail storefront design in Toronto. This magazine aims to contribute to the growing conversation around design in the cannabis industry and its intersection with local neighborhoods. As a publication that is both high design and accessible to commercial endeavours, Trajectory will connect to art lovers and cannabis consumers of all ages. Through the examination of retail design, gentrification of cannabis in Toronto can be explored by the readers. The accompanying thesis will explain shifting social structures as a result of legalization and its impact on the cannabis culture and art. The editorial decisions are explained in depth as well as the institutions and artists that are featured in the magazine.
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