Brampton Soccer Centre and Cassie Campbell Community Centre: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Two Suburban Recreation Facilities from Brampton, ON, Canada Using the Urban Design Compendium as a Basis

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Boutassis, Antonios
Recreation , Urban Design , Suburban , Brampton , Facility , Planning , Amenity
This report evaluates the quality of urban design in two contemporary recreation facilities, the Brampton Soccer Centre (BSC) and Cassie Campbell Community Centre (CCCC). Both facilities are located in the City of Brampton, a suburban community within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Using criteria adapted from the Urban Design Compendium, a British best practices manual for urban design, the two case studies are evaluated then compared with one another. The criteria have been further augmented through a comprehensive literature review of books and scholarly articles relating to the planning and design of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. Ultimately, the evaluation will be utilized to identify pertinent lessons from the case studies, which can then be applied to future development initiatives of recreation facilities in Canada and abroad.
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