Aboriginal Peoples of Canada Explored through the Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts

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Godin, Neil
Stott, Ethan
Historical Perspective , Ethical Dimension , Evidence , Cause and Consequence , Change and Continuity , Historical Perspective , Primary Documents
The intent of this resource package is for it be to be used in the Canada: History, Identity and Culture Grade 12 University Preparation (CHI 4U) course to help teach The Big Six Historical Thinking concepts (Seixas and Morton) along with specific expectations. The resource consists of 6 lessons that incorporate various primary sources into the lessons in order to better educate students of the history of First Nations peoples on the land that is now Canada and their experiences. The lessons may be completed in sequence or used singularly. Some lessons contain material for multiple classes. Teachers should modify and adapt material so it best fits the need of the students they are working with.
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