Canada and the Cold War

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Smith, Rebecca
Comeau, Belinda
Kissoon, Feriel
Canada , Cold War , Suez Crisis , Lester B. Pearson , Korean War , Gouzenko Affair , Music , Diefenbunker , Propaganda , Peacekeeping , Espionage , Human Rights , United Nations
This resource pack contains detailed lesson plans and resources for the CHC2D Ontario Curriculum Expectation D.4. These lessons are structured around the 'Big Six' Historical Thinking Principles advocated by Dr Peter Seixas and Tom Morton which have now become a central tenet of the Ontario History Curriculum. These six lessons attempt to engage students in actively interpreting and evaluating history and historical arguments through the content areas of: Pearson and the Suez Crisis (Historical Significance), the Diefenbunker (Evidence), North American Attitudes about the Cold War (Continuity and Change), Canada and the Korean War (Cause and Consequence), Canadian Cold War Popular Culture (Historical Perspectives), and the Gouzenko Affair (The Ethical Dimension). Through these lessons, students are given the opportunity to engage with primary resources and to expand their historical thinking through active exploration of historical issues.
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