Wavelength-Preserving Polarization-Insensitive All-Optical 3R Regenerator Based on Self- and Cross-Phase Modulation and Offset Filtering Utilizing Raman Amplification

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Chung, Sung Han
All-Optical Regeneration , Nonlinear Optical Signal Processing , Kerr Effect
Optical regeneration has the potential to significantly increase the reach of long-haul transmission systems. In this thesis, wavelength-preserving polarization-insensitive all-optical 3R regeneration is investigated and demonstrated for 10 and 40 Gb/s signals. The all-optical regenerator utilizes a self-pulsating laser for clock recovery, cross-phase modulation (XPM) based spectral broadening in a highly nonlinear fiber (HNLF) and offset filtering for retiming, and self-phase modulation based spectral broadening in a HNLF and offset filtering for reshaping. Raman amplification is used to increase the XPM-based spectral broadening and thus allow a design that meets the tradeoffs involved in simultaneously achieving good retiming and reshaping performance. The regenerator is shown to reduce amplitude noise and timing jitter while not causing a BER penalty. To fully validate the regeneration scheme, the cascadability is demonstrated using a recirculating loop. For a 10 Gb/s signal, with a regenerator spacing of 240 km, a return-to-zero, on-off-keyed (RZ-OOK) signal was transmitted over 18,000 km (75 loops) with a power penalty of 1.6 dB at a BER of 1E-9 compared to the back-to-back case. For a 40 Gb/s signal, with a regenerator spacing of 80 km, a RZ-OOK signal was transmitted over 8,000 km (100 loops) with a power penalty of 1.2 dB. In addition, all-optical 3R regeneration is demonstrated using a multimode quantum-dot Fabry Petot laser with ultra-low timing jitter.
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