The "Write" Way: Creative Writing as a School-based Approach to Treat Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety

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Rombough, Katrina L.
child , adolescent , anxiety , creative writing , school-based , treatment , teacher resource , mental health , intervention
This project identifies the need for school-based mental health interventions that address the emotional, psychological, and social challenges that accompany childhood and adolescent anxiety. A review of the literature demonstrated that, despite the existence of “what works” criteria established through years of research, school-based mental health initiatives aimed at addressing disorders like anxiety are falling short of desired outcomes. Given the evidence that creative writing interventions such as bibliotherapy, expressive writing, and therapeutic stories can have a significant impact on anxiety disorders and related issues, this project endeavoured to synthesize the evidence and give practical use recommendations for these techniques in a comprehensive teacher resource booklet. Future recommendations involve the need for educators and mental health professionals to consider schools as viable alternatives to traditional treatment delivery settings. Additionally, universal, preventative, evidence-based approaches that follow the established criteria of “what works” should be implemented to ensure program and intervention effectiveness.
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