What Elders Want: A Qualitative Meta-synthesis of Elders’ Views on Interactions with their General Practitioners

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Bedford, Nicole
Communication , Senior , Meta-Synthesis , Health , Doctor , Patient , Physician , Qualitative , Medical , Geriatric
Effective communication in the doctor-patient relationship is an essential component to proper diagnosis and treatment (Gordon & Gerber, 2010). While a greater focus on improving doctor-patient communication needs to be addressed, nowhere is it more important than in interactions between geriatric patients and general practitioners. This study analyzes and synthesizes the findings of 16 selected socio-medical journal articles that report on the views of geriatric patients’ needs and desires when interacting with general practitioners. The findings of this study contribute a geriatric perspective to the current debate regarding patient-centred care and also identify communication barriers and facilitators that can be avoided or used by physicians when interacting with geriatric patients. By bringing together multiple socio-medical qualitative studies that look at geriatric patients’ perspectives, this research seeks to create an evidence base that is valued by both medical practitioners and policy-makers.
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