Correlations for Natural Convective Heat Transfer From Vertical and Inclined Cylinders

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Kalendar, Abdulrahim
Karar, Sayed
Kalendar, Ahmad
Oosthuizen, Patrick
Natural convective heat transfer from the exposed top surface of an inclined isothermal cylinder, with a circular cross section, mounted on a flat adiabatic base plate, has been numerically investigated. The cylinder is mounted normal to the flat adiabatic base plate. The numerical solution has been obtained by solving the dimensionless governing equations, subject to boundary conditions, using the commercial finite-volume method-based code FLUENT. The flow has been assumed to be symmetrical about the vertical center-plane through the cylinder. Results have only been obtained for Prandtl number of 0.7, which is the value existing in the application that originally motivated this study. The simulations consider Rayleigh numbers between 103 and 107, inclination angles between 0º and 180º, and dimensionless cylinder diameters between 0.25 and 1. The effects of dimensionless diameter, Rayleigh numbers, and inclination angles on the mean Nusselt number for the top exposed surface of the cylinder have been studied. Empirical correlations for the heat transfer rates from the top exposed surface of the cylinder have been derived.