School Choice Connections Around the Globe and in Francophone Minority Communities in Canada: a Critical Reading of School Choice Literature

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Cotnam, Megan
School Choice , Global , Francophone , Minority , School Choice
This article compares the tendencies that have been noted in academic literature at the international level as well as research regarding the particular school choices of Francophone families in minority settings in Canada. Research regarding school choice has focused primarily on parents' views. This literature can be divided into the following themes: the impact of parents ' socioeconomic status, parents' roles as consumers who "shop for schools and the marketing strategies used to recruit parents, the influence of school choice on student achievement, the role of culture and the importance of bilingualism. In other studies, school choice is presented as a family process by focusing on parents ' influence on a child's school choice and the importance of the student's friends' choices. Yet, students are rarely involved in studies focusing on school choice and so their voices are not often heard. This article highlights the need for more extensive research in Canada regarding student agency in school choice.
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