Relational Views of XML for the Semantic Web

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Atre, Shruti
Relational View , Semantic Web , XML , Source Transformation
The Semantic Web is the future of the Internet. It is the extension to the Internet in which information will be given well-defined meaning, enabling not only humans but also machines to find, share and combine information more easily. In the Semantic Web documents are not merely pages containing a set of words that form their content. They also encode the meaning and structure of those words. This enables various information retrieval techniques to be performed on the documents in addition to the ones restricted to keywords. The goal of this research is to explore a method for querying the Semantic Web using relational database theory and source transformation techniques. We take as input, documents annotated with XML mark-up and the information tags that we are interested in. We then extract and populate a relational view on the annotated XML documents using these tags and the implicit relations in the XML documents. We evaluate the feasibility of our system by testing on a variety of input and we also explore the kinds of queries that can be made on the extracted relational view.
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