Finding a Canadian Voice: An Exploration into Untold Narratives

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Brancato, Cora
Hennig, Melissa
Significance , Cause and Consequence , Continuity and Change , Perspectives , Ethical Dimension , Evidence , Identity , Komagata Maru , Immigration , Continuous Passage Act, 1908
The objective of this resource pack is to give a voice to some of the lesser told narratives in Canadian history. We have selected four different stories to accomplish this. Using individuals, groups, and events we have structured our lessons to tell these stories following a smaller scale narrative to reveal larger implications, and significance in Canadian history. Each lesson focuses upon one of the Big Six historical thinking concept with the ethical dimension, and evidence weaved throughout. Our resource pack emphasizes discussion, exploration, and the telling of stories to allow students to immerse themselves into the history, and become more effective historical thinkers.
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