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Shaughnessy, Liam
Stein, Austin
Civil Rights , 13th Amendment , Black Lives Matter , LGBT Rights , Continuity and Change , Indigenous Rights , Feminism , Gender Equity , American History , Social Movements , The Ethical Dimension , Cause and Consequence , American Indian Movement , Stonewall Riots
This resource package explores the continuing struggles for civil rights in the United States in the post-1960s era. Specific attention will be drawn to a variety of civil rights struggles that remain relevant to the modern day. This package is intended for history educators to use with their students in the Ontario American History, Grade 11, Academic (CHA3U) course. Students will be able to critically analyze primary documents in order to glean insight into specific civil rights issues that have persisted in the United States. Each lesson in this package will explore a specific civil rights movement and do so through the lens of the Big Six Historical Thinking concepts. The civil rights movements that are explored in this lesson package are LGBT rights movements, African-American rights movements, Native American rights movements and gender equity movements. As there are a variety of organizations pledging allegiance to each umbrella movement, these lessons will focus on the broader movement, rather than one specific element or group. Each movement will be presented and explored in a unique fashion which draws on primary sources unique to each. Students will engage in activities that help them to gain a broader understanding of the trajectory of these civil rights movements.
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