Walkability of Three Southern Ontario Inner City University Campus Thoroughfare Streets: Assessing the Physical and Perceptual Qualities of the Built Environment

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Fotino, Anthony
The purpose of this report is to evaluate the walkability of three Southern Ontario inner city university campus thoroughfare streets. More specifically, the objective is to assess the physical qualities of the built environments of one major thoroughfare street at each of the three university campuses (St. George Street at the University of Toronto; Union Street at Queen’s University; and Laurier Street at the University of Ottawa). The streets were evaluated using a walkability audit, observations, interviews, and campus policy analysis, and these evaluations were guided by the following questions: 1) What pedestrian oriented physical qualities and streetscape elements are present or lacking on major streets situated within three inner city university campuses in Ontario? 2) How can these major streets become more walkable and pedestrian friendly through physical design?
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