Track Persistence in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Bentley, Ian
WSN , Wireless Sensor Networks , Target Tracking , Object Tracking , Track Persistence , Single object tracking , Track , Persistence
In this thesis we directly consider an object tracking problem for wireless sensor networks (WSNs), called track persistence. Track persistence temporally extends the problem of object tracking by seeking to store and retrieve the entire history of an object. To provide an initial solution to track persistence, we develop two distinct algorithms. The first algorithm, update to sink, translates track persistence into a centralized problem. The second algorithm, a linked list-like algorithm, builds a dynamic data structure as the object traverses the network, and rebuilds the object history distributively upon demand. We conduct worst case analysis upon both of these algorithms. Finally, we implement a simulation environment and run a number of tests upon both algorithms. Track persistence is a very challenging problem, and this thesis contributes a pair of solutions which stand as a basis for future research.
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