Exploring North American Aboriginal History: Through Culture, Customs and External Relations

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Briard, K. Rachel
Grunow-Hårsta, Hanna
Zawadzki, Nicholas
Aboriginal , Artifacts , First Nations , Europeans , First Contact , Missionaries , Jesuits , Pensionnats , Residential Schools , Treaties , Louis Riel , Métis , Genocide , Royal Proclamation 1763
The following lessons explore different aspects of Aboriginal history in North America. The first lesson explores Aboriginal culture and customs across geographical regions through material culture, and how it has persisted and changed over time. In the second lesson, we examine the prevalence of the written word and the erasure of indigenous oral culture and knowledge in favour of the written word. The third lesson examines the impact of treaties on indigenous Canadians, while the fourth examines a historical narrative of Catholic missionaries in Canada. In the fifth lesson, we question the portrayal of Louis Riel and how this portrayal has changed throughout history. The final lesson in this package examines the ethical dimension by asking students to assemble the evidence for genocide in Canadian history. These lessons are compatible, or can be used individually.
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