Alexander the Great: The Rise and Fall of Empire and The Birth of Hellenistic Greece

Overview: This lesson will introduce the topic/unit of the transition from the Classical period of Greek history to the Hellenistic period by focusing on the figure of Alexander the Great and his role in the changes that occurred. The element of wonder or awe for this unit can be inspired in students through the exploration of how one man was able to conquer most of the known world and how his military actions spread Greek culture throughout the near East, as well as increasing understanding of the Persian perspective, which is a side often left unexplored in the discussion about Alexander. A variety of both primary and secondary sources are used throughout the series of 8 lessons, with the structure of the unit being very discussion based with a focus on encouraging critical and historical thinking when engaging with sources. This introductory lesson will provide students with a basic outline of the content needed to proceed into the details that will be taught through the lens of the “Big Six”1 historical thinking concepts over the course of the following 6 lessons.
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