High Resolution Jamming Detection in Global Navigation Satellite Systems

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Moussa, Mohamed
Jamming , Interference , GPS
Global Positioning System (GPS) is increasingly threatened by interference and especially jamming. They are substantial threats to the functions that rely on the GPS position velocity and time solutions. The ultimate objective of this thesis is to enhance GPS receivers’ anti-jamming abilities. Particular focus is given to the detection of Continuous Wave (CW) jamming signals that are close-by in frequency and in space. To tackle the challenge, two high resolution signal processing methods are proposed for single antenna receivers and for antenna array receivers. The first method operates in the frequency domain and targets accurate and efficient detection and frequency estimation of single and multiple in-band CW jammers that lie between two FFT frequency lines. This is achieved by utilizing high resolution spectral estimation that is based on orthogonal search. On the other hand, the second method operates in the space domain to estimate the Direction of Arrivals (DoA) of the jamming signals
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