A Finite Element Model for Ejection of Green Parts After PM Compaction

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Habib, Fouad
Powder Metallurgy , Finite Element Analysis , Ejection
The present study describes the development of an FE model of tooling during production of a transmission gear. Results of the simulation at the puck/die interface during ejection examine the behavior of friction. Machine component deflections under pressure and areas of wear/binding are also predicted. The tooling was developed and modeled in Abaqus, an FE pre- and post-processor. A metal PM (Powder Metallurgy) puck is simulated from the point at the end of compaction, and then at several positions during ejection. A test setup was designed and built. The apparatus will be used to create iron powder compacts, and experimental results will be used to evaluate future models. Experiments with the new design will enable future studies of friction at the puck/die interface. The current design is for a simple puck and an increase in part geometry complexity is proposed with preliminary design requirements.
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