Considering Leadership in Ontario Schools? A Workshop Series for Aspiring Leaders

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Young, Anna
leadership , Ontario , principal
A professional workshop series has been designed for the purpose of bringing together Ontario’s aspiring principal leaders who are considering moving into a leadership position. The workshop series accommodates working professionals who are unable to attend a full day. The workshops are designed for meeting once per week for two hours; however, a full day workshop could easily be accommodated. The four workshops provide a forum for professional dialogue and critical self-reflection. The workshop topics have been purposefully selected to provide participants with information about the Ontario Ministry of Education’s leadership initiatives. Issues one must consider before assuming a principal’s position are also presented to assist participants in making an informed decision about their leadership pathway. Participants will actively engage with the Institute for Education Leadership’s (n. d.) “Self Assessment Tool for Aspiring Leaders” document which was published for the purpose of assisting Ontario’s aspiring leaders with personalized leadership development. Future leaders will also be provided with information regarding administrative portfolio development, the Principal’s Qualification Program, and an extensive online leadership development reading list.
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