La construcción del género en el franquismo y los discursos educativos de la Sección Femenina

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Rabazas Romero, Teresa
Ramos Zamora, Sara
Gender , Franco's Dictatorship , Seccion Femenina , Women , Education , Female Teachers , Women Faculty
In this paper we consider gender as a category of analysis to study the educational speeches that the “Sección Femenina" (political organization for women) addressed to women during Franco’s dictatorship. Following the new approaches of contemporary historiography that requires another type of sources and methods our analysis focuses in the feminine magazine “Consigna”. This publication was the vehicle that the “Sección Femenina” used to spread their educational slogans, that is to say, the way that this pro-Franco institution was dedicated to the indoctrination of women, especially female teachers, due to their multiplying influence in education circles. Key words: Gender, Franco’s dictatorship, “Sección Femenina”, women, education, female teachers.
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