La Escuela Como Comunidad Democrática

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Puig, Josep M.
intergroup education , multicultural education , democracy , citizenship education
In which way may schools contribute to the process of integration in differentiated societies? In which way may schools contribute to the formation of citizens in pluralistic geopolitical spaces that are characterized by cultural diversity? In order to answer these questions, I examine present times to understand the rapid processes of differentiation and how these processes affect social cohesion. I then examine how the phenomenon has been approached by sociologists and by philosophers. I end the first part of the article describing interpersonal relationships and examining their contribution to social integration and citizen participation. The second part of the article analyses the school as an institution to explore how the school reflects the ways to understand integration and citizenship examined in the first part of the article. I then introduce the basic features of a form of school integration that I will call "democratic community".
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