Immigrating to Canada: Discovering the Treatment of Immigrants in the Early Twentieth Century

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Booth-Dawson, Brianne
Martin, Chantel
Impact on Canada , Immigration , Ukranian , Polish , Chinese , German , 20th Century , Stereotypes , Immigration , Mistreatment , Lifestyle , Immigration Act , Head Tax , Komagata Maru
Throughout this Resource Pack, the ideas of Immigration in Canada between 1914 and 1929 have been examined. In the six lessons provided, the concepts of why Immigrants came to Canada during this time, what their immigration meant for Canadian society as well as how these immigrants were treated by Canadians, in comparison to their treatment today, will be studied. By using the following six lessons to examine immigration in Canada, students will be able to better comprehend the ideas of immigration to Canada as well as understanding why immigration is/was so historically significant to the overall history of Canada. These six lessons provide different primary sources which will allow students to better comprehend the importance of immigration and to gain their own personal historical perspective based around the ideas presented.
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