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Coombs, Andrew
MacCormack, Jeffrey
Soleas, Eleftherios
Klinger, A. Don
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The enclosed Selected Papers represent a selection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2015 Rosa Bruno-Jofré Symposium in Education (RBJSE) at Queen’s University, Faculty of Education. The RBJSE is a graduate symposium organized by, and for, graduate students with a mandate to provide a supportive context for graduate students to develop their presentation skills, and discuss their research with colleagues, faculty, and experts in their fields. In the spirit of the RBJSE, these Selected Papers provide new scholars opportunities to refine their symposium papers through a peer-review process. Academic writing does not develop in isolation; supportive feedback and practice are crucial to the development of academic writing skills. In the words of Dr. Nancy Hutchinson, a former editor of the Selected Papers publication and Professor Emerita at the Faculty of Education, all academic writers should strive to “strengthen the signal, reduce the noise.” As the editorial team of the Selected Papers, we worked closely with the authors to help them find and clarify their voices. We would like to offer special thanks to our reviewers. In light of the wide range of topics covered in the current publication, it may not be a surprise that we recruited reviewers from education, as well as fields such as sociology and gender studies, from universities from across the province. Cross-departmental and inter-university collaborations to create a publication such as this are only possible when people donate generously of their time and expertise. To our authors, thank you for letting us participate with you in this process. We wish you the best in your future scholarly endeavours. When you look back at the work you produced here, you should feel proud of what you have accomplished.
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